Category: Streams-Files
Superclass: VFS.ArchiveFile
ZipFile transparently extracts files from a ZIP archive.

Method category index

members (instance)

members (instance)

centralDirectoryRangeIn: f
Not commented.

createDirectory: dirName

Create a subdirectory of the receiver, naming it dirName.

extractMember: anArchiveMember into: temp

Extract the contents of anArchiveMember into a file that resides on disk, and answer the name of the file.


Extract the directory listing from the archive

member: anArchiveMember mode: bits

Set the permission bits for the file in anArchiveMember.

removeMember: anArchiveMember

Remove the member represented by anArchiveMember.

updateMember: anArchiveMember

Update the member represented by anArchiveMember by copying the file into which it was extracted back to the archive.